New material: Panocatcher Maestro 4 HD

In order to modernize our panoramic shooting equipment and reduce the acquisition time of the component stations the virtual tours we carry out, our platform opted for the purchase of a robotic panoramic head.

The panocatcher Maestro 4 HD can withstand a load of 6kg, is controllable in Bluetooth via a dedicated Smartphone application and is preconfigured for various shots such as:

  • Multi-row panoramas,
  • Gigapixel photos,
  • Timelapse
  • 360 ° product photos,
  • 3D/stereo panorama & image capture,
  • Remote pan & tilt camera positioning and control.

In order to avoid any motion blur of the camera curtain, it incorporates a vibration sensor and is able to calculate in real time the exposure time of each shot through the TTL Flash claw, avoiding any inappropriate movement of Engines.

Designed for challenging terrain, it works on custom-built 19V high-capacity accumulators. This material is compatible with all the cameras on our platform.

The advantages of the Panocatcher in our acquisition work are various:

  • Replacement of extremely time-consuming manual equipment in settings and acquisition.
  • Increase the definition of panoramic shots 360 ° + 180 ° by a more consistent and regular overlap.
  • Reduce photographic retouching time by increased hardware accuracy.
  • Programming HDR shots (including increased brightness) to achieve superior color quality in low light, or to produce high quality HDRI environment for integration or natural lighting in 3D modeling renderings, or even eliminate the shading of photogrammetric shaders (textures).
  • Possibility of creating Giga-panoramas in architectural and archaeological photography (sedimentary layers or stratigraphic units) allowing a very high-definition backup for post-scientific analysis.
  • Possibility of acquisitions 360 ° + 180 ° fast and automated for photogrammetric purposes (put in stations every 1M).
  • Possibility to create stereoscopic panoramas for increased immersion with virtual reality helmets or augmented.