3D scanner

3D scanner

For several years, the laboratories components the PANORAMA platform, have different types of 3D scanner and realize both the acquisition, processing and publication formatting of data from this type of material. The platform grouping of the three founding laboratories allowed a FNRS fundraising in 2017 to equip itself with a new, more efficient terrestrial scanner: a shared Faro S-350 received in June 2018.

The FARO FocusS 350 is ideal for outdoor applications thanks to its small size, very low weight and high range. The FocusS 350 provides good results even under harsh conditions, in tight, dusty or humid locations, in the rain or in direct sunlight. A compensation tool allows to optimize the quality of the data directly on site. The built-in GPS and GLONSSA receiver allow easy determination of positions. HDR imagery and HD photos ensure accurate results and high-quality data.

  • Distance accuracy at ± 1mm,
  • Range from 0.6 m to 350 m,
  • Index IP 54,
  • On-site compensation,
  • Full color HD Photo overlay up to 165 megapixels.


The grouping of laboratories offers us the possibility to complete our 3D scanner Park in order to offer a complete and quality data acquisition service.

  • Faro S-350 scanner + software suite and carbon fiber tripod.
  • “Hand-held” scanner Polhemus Fastscan.
  • Long range scanner Riegl LMS Z360 (+ RiScanPro license, foot, reflectors, camera support, D70s Nikon + 35mm and 50mm lenses)
  • NextEngine X2 scanner (+ software license).
  • Kinect v1
  • Kinect v2 (X2)
  • Dell laptop (equipped with Riegl)
  • Dell laptop (equipped with NextEngine)