Photogrammetric readings

Photogrammetric readings

Photogrammetry exploits the principle of Parallax between several photographs of the same subject, taken according to different positions and angles. These Parallax differences will allow the Photogrammetry programs to determine, in a trigonometric way, the coordinates of the points in a three-dimensional numerical model. It is therefore necessary to determine a shooting procedure to cover the whole of a subject, geometrically correct and complete, avoiding any undercuts.

Unfortunately, it is never possible to deliver a high quality final work to the quality of a raw data set, although it is possible to improve this initial data at the cost of many hours of manual retouching or through deep learning process automation. It is on this principle that we consider it crucial to have a good knowledge of the most appropriate acquisition process of data and their improvement in post-acquisition.

The quality of the starting data is intrinsically linked to:

  • The quality and accuracy of the acquisition equipment,
  • Knowledge of the options and cases of use of the equipment,
  • The incidence and quality of light,
  • Knowledge of techniques and treatment programs.

All of these concurrent parameters are used to judge the quality of the raw and retouched data that will be the basis of any photogrammetric and lasergrammetric work. The data processed can thus contribute to the elaboration of various reconstructions, both scientific and extension, according to the final aim of the projects to which they are linked: point clouds, HD models, LD models, assets, textures and shaders, etc…

It remains the formatting of these final data according to their usefulness, as well as their storage and classification for later reuse as the basis of other projects.

PANORAMA Photogrammétric Workflow

The types of photogrammetric readings offered by PANORAMA

Photogrammetry, by its nature, is divided into several subtechniques strongly dependent on the subject and material available. With the infrastructure and material pooling of our laboratories, our platform is able to carry out various types of photogrammetric readings:
  • Macro-Photogrammetry: small objects from 1cm to 15cm,
  • Photogrammetry: from 15cm to 1, 80m or more,
  • Architectural photogrammetry,
  • Photogrammetry by drone survey,
  • Conjunction Photogrammetry and lasergrammetry.

You can visit our template gallery on our Sketchfab presentation account at:

The photogrammetric programs mastered by PANORAMA

In order to create different functional workflows according to many constraints due to models and computer equipment, the PANORAMA Platform team is proficient in many Photogrammetry programs. We continue to improve our processes by continually testing the programs related to this discipline.

Photogrammetric deliverables

PANORAMA can take in charge each step from photographic acquisition to 3D asset or point cloud deliverable, all depends on the aims of the submitted project.