PANORAMA on the BAS (Brussels archaeological survey) project of the creation of the ULB heritage.

by Benjamin van Nieuwenhove, Melody Ducastelle and Henry-Louis Guillaume

Our platform is proud to have participated in the exhibition “the cellars, memory of the city”, organized by the creation Patrimoine to present the work carried out on the old cellars of the city of Brussels.

This exhibition was born thanks to the multidisciplinary study project, led by the created and financially supported by the Brussels capital region, in order to identify and study the former cellars of the city of Brussels.

But why such a project?

Rich in a history of nearly a thousand years, the city of Brussels is rich of an architectural heritage dating back to the middle ages. While urbanistic modernizations have profoundly changed the face of Brussels over time, the medieval city is still apparent, especially in the cellars of many houses and public buildings. Underground places, usually invisible from the street, the cellars are a privileged point of view to observe the ancient city, in particular, because they are less subject to renovations and constitute an exceptional Conservatory.

It is in order to better know these spaces, to demonstrate their richness and to affirm their necessary conservation, while offering Brussels a new image of the city and its heritage, that Brussels urbanism and heritage, the city of Brussels and the free University of Brussels has partnered to carry out a joint inventory and study programme for cellars prior to 1850.

Our team has taken pictures to create the virtual tours of several wineries studied by the project.

As part of this study, the PANORAMA platform participated in the setting up of the exhibition, through the installation of a large format touchscreen tablet that allows visitors to visit virtually two cellars studied by the project BAS: the cellar of number 5 of the rue de la tête d’Or and the number 27 of Rue du Chêne.

The exhibition takes place at the Halles Saint-Géry from 14 September 2018 to 21 November 2018.