AlICe: 5 new Ultimaker 3 3D printers

On the basis of a budget FEE (education incentive Fund), the AlICe laboratory acquired five Ultimaker 3 3D printers with double extrusion of plastic.

The laboratory’s printer Park therefore extends to seven machines, the new acquisitions being added to two Ultimaker 2, already in use for several years. The double extrusion technology of Ultimaker 3 will allow to print parts in two different materials, or to print very complex parts using water-soluble bearing structures, thus facilitating the elaboration of objects more Sophisticated.

By tripling the production capacity by 3D printing, the laboratory intends to generalize the use of this medium, on the one hand in the heuristic phases of architectural analysis and artifact study, by allowing stakeholders to appreciate the work on the basis of digital objects with a tactile dimension, and, secondly, in the production of high quality final documents, such as large-scale figurative models.