Black Forest motion

We have recently received the Black Forest pine system to complete the hardware of our acquisition lab to automate the photogrammetric shooting of objects. The Black Forest motion Setup is a set of components specifically dedicated to macro-photogrammetric and photogrammetric acquisition of objects, totally independent of any connection to a computer and working in conjunction with an application Smartphone connected to Bluetooth. It allows to define the number of images required for a quality Photogrammetry by selecting the angle of rotation of the plate and by the number of vertical lines of the slider.

Widely compatible with most cameras, the motion controller of Black Forest motion can trigger most DSLR using a simple trigger cable.

  • PT pan tilt-> Pan unit (used as rotating table),
  • PT pan tilt-> tilt unit and its Mengs clamp to mount the tilt unit on the cursor,
  • L-bracket for camera mounting,
  • Slider of 115cm,
  • Stepper motor NEMA17 with gearbox 19:1 and three (3) motor connection cables,
  • Motion controller PINE and its mounting plate for PINE controller,
  • Power supply AC.

All units have the same motor connectors. Everything harmonizes perfectly together.